Crunching the Numbers

Rapid ROI, tax deductions, kW reduction, ESCO incentives and financing - the Lighting Retrofit Investment.

What is a Lighting Retrofit?

Commercial Fluorescent Lighting has improved over the years to be more energy-efficient. Find out how.

Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that a cleaner and brighter workplace promote productivity and safety.

“L&S Enterprises, LLC is a State-Certified Unlimited Electrical contracting firm serving the Southeastern United States. We specialize in the development and installation of energy-efficient commercial lighting systems. Our broad spectrum of projects span three states (Florida, Georgia, and Alabama).  We are committed to offering cost-effective solutions for all commercial lighting upgrade projects, which means our primary goal is to help the customer achieve the greatest savings while utilizing the latest technologies.”

                    - Len Blanton, President

“Energy Conservation Through Lighting Innovation”

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